Gym-Max Academy of  Gymnastics, U.S.A. Gymnastics National Team Training Center, 2969 Century Place, Costa Mesa, CA, 92626, U.S.A.    Telephone: 714-754-5491


Good habits starts early.  A solid foundation, an engaging environment, and a focus on fun!

For your little ones.

Gym-Max Pre-School Programs are designed to gently introduce you and your younglings to the fun, healthy, challenging, and rewarding life-style of gymnastics in a safe, friendly, and protected environment.  Our philosophy is simple;  make it fun, keep it safe, and inspire them to explore beyond their own capabilities using the astrength and skills that they have built for themselves.  Our pre-school program will include a myriad of games, challenges, and obstacles designed to stimulate their appetite to use what they have learned to progress further from one skill-set to the next, all the while, little by little, learning important traits like self-awareness, team-work, problem-solving, communication, and focus. We understand that starting things off the right way by fostering the ever-curious, always-enthusiastic, and focused athlete with a solid foundation is the key to building the successful long-term gymnast.





CLASS 1          SATURDAY        9:30AM - 10:30AM


CLASS 2          SATURDAY      10:30AM - 11:30AM


$10 Trial (1st) Class   *   $60 Monthly Tuition (4x Classes)